Birthday & Anniversary Magazines – Program for Investment Firms


The Magazines:

·        Most popular titles are listed below – Life, Time & National Geographic are the titles purchased most often.

·        Most customers choose magazines closest to the actual birth date.

·        Website is updated daily, and every magazine in inventory is listed. If a quantity is not mentioned, we have just one copy available.

·        Many, many other titles (over 1000) and categories are listed on the website, over 1 million magazines in all!

·        We do not list specific inventory for National Geographics after 1930 – as we have all issues available. Issues prior to 1930 are listed, with inventory.

·        A few special issues are priced & inventoried separately on the National Geographic page.

·        All magazines are inserted into plastic sleeves.

·      Ordering:

·        We prefer to receive orders via email – – with magazine title, date & condition, billing & shipping addresses.

·        Where there are options in condition, and thus prices, we will assume you prefer the best available copy, unless otherwise notified.

·        If desired, we can ship direct to your client with a custom message – email the message text to

·        We will reply to emails, with order totals & shipping information, within 24 hours.

·        For the initial order, telephone 717-442-1277 (9AM to 6PM EST), with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card details, after sending the email with the above information.

·        We also accept payment via Paypal (to, as well as checks or money orders.

·      Shipping:

·        All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 days delivery), and tracking is sent to your email address from USPS directly.

·        We can ship USPS Priority Express (next day) – will quote after order details are known.

·        We can also ship via Federal Express, but only on your Fed Ex account number, and orders need to be placed before 11:30AM EST.

·        Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, many are shipped the same day.


Most Popular Titles for Birthdays/Anniversaries/Gifts


 Literary Digest (News Weekly, 1895-1938)

 Saturday Evening Post (1899-Present)

 Colliers Magazine (1900-1956)

National Geographic (1908-Present)

 New Yorker (1930-Present)

 Time (1924-Present)

 Reader’s Digest (1926-Present)

 Fortune Magazine (1930-Present)

 Newsweek (1934-2012)

 Life Magazine (1936-2007)

 Look Magazine (1937-1971)

 Vogue Magazine (1940-Present)

 U.S. News & World Report (1940-2010)

 TV Guide (1950-Present)

 Sports Illustrated (1954-Present)

 Rolling Stone(1971-Present)

 People Magazine (1974-Present)



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